Police Community Engagement Boot Camp


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3-Day Community Engagement Training for Police, Sheriff’s & Public Safety Supervisors



  • Tudo bom? Engaging multicultural, multilingual communities
  • “Hi Five Friday” – Lessons & opportunities from controversy
  • Police Community Engagement on a shoe-string budget
  • The “Old Days” can jumpstart your engagement efforts
  • “Selling” your ideas & programs to skeptical audiences
  • Officer Survival for Police Community Engagement
  • Secrets for great news and social media coverage
  • Community Engagement worldwide starts with kids
  • Unconventional Community Engagement ideas
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google Events
  • Take your interpersonal skills to the next level
  • Police Community Engagement: Hits & misses
  • Secrets & tricks for great 1-on-1 connections
  • Emergency responses kids tough questions
  • What is your body language really saying?
  • Preparing for a steel cage death match
  • A little jar of powder opens many doors
  • There’s a problem with those words
  • Trading Places isn’t just a movie
  • How to speak to their listening
  • Tell a story, get a story
  • Making every contact a win
  • Getting out of the bubble
  • Perception is everything
  • Take a skeptic to lunch
  • Here comes the bikes

After this dynamic 3-Day training seminar you’ll be ready for the connections, challenges
and rewards of taking your agency’s community relations & engagement efforts to the next level.

Police Community Engagement Boot Camp

Coming Soon…

Register Now!

Seminar Flyer

$595 per person – Limited seating available

Info: E-mail or call 602-445-6442

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Greenwood
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 Hilton Garden Inn – Indianapolis / Greenwood
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Indianapolis, Indiana, 46237

Police Community Engagement InFocus

Police and Sheriff’s Departments are most effective and successful when protect and serve has police community engagement in-focus. Law enforcement agencies that are highly focused on engaging their community to see almost every contact with the possibility of making a connection. When connections are being made at every turn, it provides opportunities to dispel a myth, change a perception, start a conversation or ask a question. Police Community Engagement as priority works…

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